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Travelling to Hong Kong

Visitors can travel to Hong Kong by flying in at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). Other modes of entry by land (e.g., high speed rail, coach) or sea (e.g., high speed ferry, cruise) are also available from many major cities in China, or other ports in Asia.

Most visitors travelling to Hong Kong with a valid passport can enter the territory visa-free. For more information regarding travel visa requirements and allowed duration of stay, please refer to the website of the Immigration Department:

Travelling to the conference venue

The conference venue, the Henry Cheng International Conference Centre, is adjacent to the main campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The conference venue is only 100m away from the University MTR station. Delegates who do are not staying in the conference hotel are recommended to travel to the conference venue by MTR (i.e., the metro). The conference hotel, Hyatt Regency Sha Tin, is also situated directly next to the conference centre. Therefore, the travel information provided below applies to both the conference venue and the conference hotel.

Recommended routes from Hong Kong International Airport

By taxi:
The easiest way to travel to the conference venue from the airport is by taxi. Visitors travelling directly from the airport to the conference venue can take either the urban taxis (red) or New Territories taxis (green). The fares for New Territories taxis (green) will be cheaper, but these taxis can only operate in certain areas within Hong Kong. Most taxi drivers in Hong Kong are communicable using English.
Estimated travel time: 40 minutes
Estimated cost (as of August 2019): HK$340 (urban taxis) / $310 (green taxis)

By bus:
Visitors may also elect to take airport bus route A41 from the airport terminus to Shatin Central Bus Terminal. This route operates between 05:35 and 24:00 on all days of the week. Under normal traffic, the bus ride takes approximately 70 minutes to Shatin. Visitors can then travel to the conference venue from Shatin by taxi or MTR.
Estimated travel time: 70 minutes (bus ride) + 5 minutes (transit) + 10 minutes (taxi/MTR)
Estimated cost (as of August 2019): HK$22.3 + $60 (green taxis) / $4.5 (MTR)

The Octopus

We highly recommend all conference attendees to get an Octopus card during their stay in Hong Kong. The Octopus is a stored value card that uses contactless payments, which is the most widely accepted form of payment for public transport (only some taxis accept Octopus payments) and daily shopping. Apart from being extremely convenient, MTR fares paid using Octopus are also discounted when compared to single-journey tickets.

Visitors can get an on-loan octopus card with a HK$50 refundable deposit at the Airport Express counter in the airport, or at any MTR station. Alternatively, you may also buy an Octopus card and keep it as a souvenir after you depart Hong Kong! Both the on-loan and sold versions can be topped up in any MTR station, convenient stores, and many other retail outlets. Please refer to the following page for more information:

Travelling around Hong Kong

For more information on other forms of local transportation, please refer to information provided by the Transport Department:

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